Widgets – Sidebar Items

A little explaination of what a widget is may be in order.  In your website there is a sidebar that can host some information of your choosing.  This information will reside on every page of your web or the pages that use the Default Template for thier construction. In this program we use widgets to fill this sidebar but you get to choose which widgets and you can change these as often as you would like.  It’s super easy!!

Go to Appearance -> Widgets in the Control Panel. In the first window you will see a list of widgets available to drag into the sidebar on the right. The window below is for widgets that have been used but pending, filled with information that you want to retain for future use without replacing the data.

Dragging a widget into the sidebar to the right should open a window for necessary settings or information to complete the widget. Also at the bottom of each widget is a button for Delete and one to Close.  Delete a widget only takes the widget from the sidebar, dragging it to one of the center windows will accomplish this also.  Closing button only closes the window that is open for data entry.