Embed Google Calendar

Google provides some extraordinary tools that a website can benefit from, one of these tools is the Google Calendar. Google Calendar is an interface that requires a Google account.  You can sign up for one here.

Once you have an account, click on “Calendar”. In the upper right corner there is a gear where you can select “Calendar settings”. From the “Calendar” tab click “Create new calendar”, name it what every you wish.  From the “Share this Calendar” tab make your new calendar public (very important).

Click back to “Calendar Details” and from there click the “HTML” button, this will bring up a window with a url that you will need to copy and paste in your website.  

With that taken care of, log back into your website and go to “Settings -> Google Calendar”.  Paste the url that you copied into the window that is there and save changes. Now copy the short-code that is in red from this page and enter that short-code into a new page or existing page.  Your new embedded map will show up in that page to your client while perusing your website.

Happy VisualWebbing!   🙂