Embed Google Map

[mappress mapid=”2″]

Google Maps are so easy to embed it’s almost scary. Let’s take a close look at this because this tool could be very beneficial to show directions to open houses, list of parade homes or an office location.

Got to “Settings -> Google Map” in your control panel. These are the many settings that you can apply to an embedded map.  These are just general options and will be implemented to all maps you embed in your websites. So to begin, just leave these to their default settings unless you know of some specific changes you would like to make now. You can embed a map and come back and make changes later.

Add a new page or work from an existing one from the edit menu.  Below the Visual Editor you will see a bar the says Google Map. Click New Map button and place a location in the location window such as (2564 South Kimball, Caldwell, Idaho) then push the add button. You can add may locations or pins to the map.

Select the size of your map from the windows. also give your map a title and then save your work. You will then see the title of your map below the Current Maps title, if you hover your map title it will show “Edit | Insert into post | Delete”.  Put your curser on the page where you want the map to be displayed and push “Insert into post” this will play a short-code on you page.  Viewing the page will show your new google map embedded in your website.

Happy VisualWebbing!   🙂